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Through the expertise of founder, Steve Sonnen, Sonnen Consulting provides the following services:

  • Technology Program and Project Management: Large or small, technology projects often need a skilled resource to motivate and lead a project team to successful completion. Sonnen Consulting can either provide that resource or work with you in a support capacity to coach and mentor your own staff
  • Process Improvement and Redesign: Every organization is being asked to do more with less these days. Sonnen Consulting brings an array of tools from the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies, along with plain old common sense, to help you optimize your operations 
  • Strategic Technology Planning: Sonnen Consulting can help you identify key long-term needs for technology use in your organization and work with you to craft a plan to achieve those goals.
  • Social Media Strategy and Policy Development: Many organizations are figuring out to come to grips with social media. Sonnen Consulting has experience developing social media strategies and supporting policies to ensure that you are attracting the attention you want without overwhelming your staff.
  • Options Analyses and Cost-Benefit Analyses: It can be challenging to figure out how to select the best choice from a slate of viable options - and then feel confident about justifying that solution a few years down the line. Sonnen Consulting can help guide your organization to decisions that you can have confidence in and also supply the analysis to back it up.
HomeWho We AreWhat We Do